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Corporate Events


Corporate Events

TMS sports facility is open to corporate events on a large or a smaller scale. Our world-class facilities at The Majesstine Sports attract corporates to host events that a class apart.

Corporate events boots company’s moral values:

a. It motivates employees to come to work.
b. It creates bonding between the team members.
c. It promotes creativity among employees.

TMS sports facilitates Corporates with:

a. Intra Corporate – Annual or Bi-Annual Sports Days with Planning to Execution.
b. Inter Corporate Sports Tournaments.
c. Partner to provide all sporting requirements of the company.

TMS is also equipped to handle:

a. Conferences \ training sessions along with some team bonding sports activities.
b. Partner with corporates to extend CSR activities to the needy children by empowering them with the Life Skill called sports.

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