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i, 9i, g, n, s, ur, ukt, Badminton Coaching | The Majesstine Sports
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Badminton Coaching


Badminton Coaching

Mr. Mohit Kamat, Head Coach of Baddyzone at Majesstine Sports spearheads our Badminton Centre of Excellence Coaching Program. Mr. Mohit is the perfect balance of impeccable style and unmatched skills. From deceptive strokes, exceptional control, fluid footwork, impeccable timing to extreme fitness - he has it all! In 2011, he was ranked number 2 nationally in the Men’s Single category while 2012 witnessed him foray into the world of coaching. Beginning as an assistant to Tom John five years back, Mohit has gone on to train some of the top players currently representing India.

Badminton coaching happens on both weekdays and weekends and is categorized into:

  • Beginners Coaching – For students starting their journey into the game of Badminton.
  • Intermediate Coaching – For Students who have learned the basics of game and would want to undergo the next level of training and start participating in competitive tournaments.
  • Advanced Coaching – For students who have taken Badminton as a profession and would want to train to compete at the National and the International Levels. Advanced Coaching students undergo a rigorous training schedule, a mix of technical, physical and mental training, laying emphasis on 360 degree training methodology.
  • Adults Coaching – Aimed at training both men and women who want to fine-tune their game for competitive games and improve their fitness levels.
  • Corporate Coaching - These are for corporates who want to undergo group-training classes to improve on their game and fitness, taking part in Intra or Inter Corporate Tournaments.

Call us now, for a free trial class with the masters of the game!

The Majesstine sports offers in-house dormitory facilities for advance coaching students on full board basis, inclusive of food, access to Gym, SPA, Physiotherapy and the swimming pool.